Un diner et un film francais!!

from French in Ann Arbor


Un diner et un film!!

On va se reunir pour manger ensemble et aussi pour regarder un film francais!

Quand: le 7 fevrier

Ou: Chez Ankit - 5724 Wellesley Ln, Ypsilanti, MI.

A quelle heure: 19h

Quoi comme film: L'emmerdeur

Qu'est ce que c'est comme film:


Je vais faire des crepes alors vous pourrez amener quelque chose pour des crepes OU vous pourrez amener quelque chose d'autre a manger avec des crepes!!

Merci Ankit pour nous offrir ta maison!!


Crystal Cannon is a high school French teacher from Detroit. She is married with one child. She loves reading, traveling, fine dining and good music.


I'm a world traveler, ESL tutor, animal lover, environmentalist, etc. I like to meet new folks and need to continue practicing my French skills.


Suzanne Murray spent 32 years working at the Earle. It was there that her interest in all things culinarily Italian and French were nurtured. A year in Paris solidified her leanings. Twenty years of teaching high school opened the door to Spanish and she now dwells on the three languages and is obsessed with etymologies. To keep her hands busy, she and her partner bake and sell baguettes, brioche and madeleines.


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